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At The Helm

Christopher Godwin

Technology & Marketing Expert

Jason Clark

Technology & Marketing Expert

Douglas Small

Technology & Marketing Expert

Godwin here!

Digital Yard’s story started fairly recently as a passion project between two automation engineers and a drone pilot - me, Jason and Nathan - who’ve all dreamed of cracking the code to driving 21st century business. Our passion for creative and artistic digital communication leads to one conclusion, getting more eyes to see it. So, we decided to combine 60-years’ experience into uncovers the mysteries of the current digital world, from producers and directors to writers, editors, and talent. We all have one mission - to create stories and amplify narratives that matter to your bottom line.

Whether it's a social media post, blog, newsletter or full-blown video presentation with drone footage, everything is governed by your story, so tell a good one. Our company’s philosophy hinges on the belief that being truthful and authentic is of utmost importance.

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"All the answers are hidden inside our questions."

Christopher Godwin, CEO of Digitalyard